OnePlus repair


  • If your OnePlus One front Display no longer working, front screen repair includes smashed or cracked screens, no light in screen or blots that won’t go away or flickering light. We can quickly repair for it for you.
  • We can replace the front glass and LCD Display as they are combined into one component. please check the repair price in below to table or call us for more info.
OnePlus oneLCD Display Replacement450 DKK
OnePlus 2LCD Display Replacement600 DKK
OnePlus XLCD Display Replacement750 DKK
OnePlus 3LCD Display Replacement900 DKK
OnePlus 3TLCD Display Replacement900 DKK
OnePlus 5LCD Display Replacement950 DKK
OnePlus 5TLCD Display Replacement950 DKK
OnePlus 6LCD Display Replacement1300 DKK
All OnePlus modelAny other service except LCD400 DKK